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MONASTERY (Ruins) [Kilwinning] Monastery

Revd. [Reverend] Doctor Campbell
Mr John Fullarton West Kilbride
Mr Hugh King
Old Statistical Acct. [Account] of Air & Bute-
New Statistical Acct.
Chamber's Caledonia
016 The portion of the Ruins of this Monastic Establishment still remaining enables the visitors or Antequarian to form a tolerable idea of the extent of this once famous stronghold of popery. from the name of Alms Wall west of the monastery it is evident that its precincts extended from there eastward to Dovecot Lane as at the latter place traces of a Strong wall were discovered Some Years ago which unhapily have all been destroyed. There is a Stone Cross at the end of Dovecot Lane which was probably erected outside the wall to mark and point out the market place of the establishment. [Continued on page 80]

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 79
County of Ayr No. 21.
Parish of Kilwinning

"This Monastery was founded in the year 1140,
"by Hugh Moreville, a very opulent and powerful
"baron, Lord of Cunningham, and the Lord High Constable
"of Scotland. It was dedicated to St. Winning. The
"Monks were brought from Kelso. In 1560, Alexander
"Earl of Glencairn, one of the most distinguished & active
"promoters of the Reformation, in a great measure
"demolished this venerable & magnificent Monastery.
"The only entire ruins of the Abbey no remaining, are
"a Steeple & gable. These were lately repaired, at very
"considerable expense, by the present Earl of Eglinton."
Old Statistical Account
Vol. [Volume] 10th p. [page] 169.-

"The History of the Parish begins with that of the patron
"Saint, from which it derives its name. In the calender
"of Scottish Saints, the date assigned to St. Winnin or Winning,
"is 705, and hi festival was held on the 21st January, on [continued]

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