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SOULI'S MONUMENT Soulis' Monument
Soulis' Monument
Soulis' Monument
Soulis' Monument
Soulis' Monument
Soulis' Monument
Revd. [Reverend] James Aitken
Mr A Hamilton Town Clerk
Mr James Hamilton Name cut on the Monument Patterson's Hist.[History] of Ayrshire
McKay's Hist.[History] of Kilmarnock
018 [Continued]
"Which gives its name to One of the "Streets. It formerly [Consisted] of a "rude stone pillar About eight or nine "feet high. On the top of which was "fixed a Small gilded Cross. In 1825 the "inhabitants of [this] quarter of the "town raised a Subscription with the "View of renewing the Monument, "which had greatly become dilapidated, "a handsome fluted pillar has "Accordingly been erected in the Same "Spot, in a niche of the Wall which "Surrounds the high Church, fronting "the Street bearing the inscription.
" To the Memory of Lord Soulis' A.D. 1444
"Erected by subscription A.D. 1825
" The days of Old to Mind I Call
"Tradition stated that Lord Soulis' was "an English Nobleman and that he was "Killed by an Arrow from a Cross-bow of "One of the Boyd family, McKay in his "history of Kilmarnock, gives the
" [tradition] at full length, and "mentions in evidence of the SKirmish, " which it is said to have taken place "between the Contending parties, that "in 1825" (this should be 1845 "according) to McKays history of "Kilmarnock [11YER] Mr Clark farmer of "Knockinlaw, when Cutting a drain "near the spot where this encounter is "Said to have happened, found at a "Considerable depth beneath the "Surface. A Sword of rather Ancient "Appearance, but whether it Was One "of those used in the SKirmish we have "described, is a matter for Conjecture".
Paterson's History of Ayrshire.

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