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Bashaw Plantation
Bashaw Plantation
Mr Alexander Watt
Mr James Fife
Mr Robert Fife
007 A small mixed plantation on the farm of Bashaw a little to the north of the steading.
Site of CAIRN [Langlands] (Site of )
(Site of )
(Site of )
Mr James Allan
Mr John Allan
Mr William Carey
007 The site of the Tumulus mentioned in the Statistical Acct. [Account] was pointed out to me by Mr Allan of Redheugh, who is well acquainted with the spot, and was present when the remains were removed. The spot shown is situated on the farm of Langlands, near the north west corner of a field; about 12 chains north west of the farmhouse and about 4 chains from R. [River] Garnock. Nothing is visible on the ground at the spot, except the grass being slightly discoloured -

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"In 1836, a stone Coffin, containing remains of
"Human bones, was discovered on the farm of
"Langlands, about 3/4 of a mile N. [North] of Kilbirnie.
"The tumulus over it was by much the most remarkable
"object of the kind in this quarter. It stood on the level
"part of a field, Skirted by the Garnock on the West. It was
"of a circular form, 100 feet in diameter, and 6 feet in height, Originally
"it had been much higher, but about the beginning of the century, a
"great quantity of stones were taken from the summit to form
"a road in the neighbourhood." New Stat, Acct, [New Statistical Account]

Tumuli, in Scotland when formed of stones, are invariably called Cairns
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