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FEUARS' WARD Feuars Ward
Feuars Ward
Feuars Ward
Mr. R. Jamieson
Mr. John Peebles
Mr. John Kerr
004 ; 007 A very large enclosure of rough rocky land used as a Common by the Kilbirnie Feuars, is Situate abt. [about] 2 miles N.W. [North West] of Kilbirnie
Gowkhouse Burn
Gowkhouse Burn
Mr. John Spier
Mr. John Kerr
Mr. R. Logan
007 See page 71
Described in N.B [Name Book] of 7. 7

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[Page] 56 -- Kilbirnie Parish 7. 3

Padoff Burn -- see page 82 -- For authorities &c [etc.] see 7. 8
[Note] -- Paduff o.m.o. [ordnance map office]

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