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MAID MORVILLE'S HILL Maid Morvilles Hill
Maid Morvilles Hill
Maid Morvilles Hill
Maid Morvilles Hill
Maid Morvilles Hill
Maid Morville's Mount
Revd. [Reverend] J C Jamieson
Joseph Young Carpenter
John Dunlop Plough Inn
David Gillies Labr. [Labourer]
William Fulton
Paterson's History
017 The object which bears this name has every appearance of being artificial the authorities quoted agree as to its position on trace and is popularly known by the name supplied
The account in Paterson's His. [History] of Ayr is substantiated by authorities supplied
Its dimensions at present is circular about 14 feet high and its Summit is about 80 links diameter. the whole at present in Stubble.

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County of Ayr
Parish of Dreghorn

"There are few remains of Antiquity existing in the
"parish. A large round mound of earth apparently artificial,
"on the north side of the Water of Irvine, near the ford on
"the line of the road from Dreghorn to Dundonald, called
Maid Morville's Mount, and which is said by tradition
to be the place where a Lady of the house of De Morville,
who was drowned in passing the ford, was buried.
Paterson's History of Ayr.
"from the Statistical Acct. [Account]"

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