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GILLIE'S KNOWE Gillie's Knowe
Gillies Knowe
Gillies' Knowe
Gillie's Knowe
A. Hervey
W. Gilchrist
W. G. Galloway
046 A Small eminence contiguous to and north of the Established Church, it Slopes gradually to the Parish Manse and is nearly level from the top to the margin of the Village, it with a Small attached unenclosed portion is at present used as a Common.
I can find no person to give me the least information regaring the Origin of this name, there is neither Historical nor Traditional information connected with it. -
In Wylie's Streams of Ayrshire it is called Gallow's Knowe, and I think the most correct name, both words Gillies (pronounced Gillis) and Gallows (pronounced Gellos) are pronounced So much alike about here that it would take a Sharp ear to decern the difference and in consequence of this Similarity might be a corruption of Gallows. What makes it more likely is its position adjacent to and in view of the Moat or Justice Seat, from the Summit of which in old Feudal times both justice and punishment were equally promulgated, no doubt if there ever was any persons executed in view of the Moat this Gillies Know was the place of execution. Paterson in his History of Ayrshire States that it most likely was the place where the attendants of an Army were once Stationed, this is only a conjecture from the word Gillies there is not the least foundation for Supposing that there was even a battle fought in the neighbourhood.
I would recommend that both names Viz Gillies or Gallows Knowe be written on the Plans

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Parish of Dalmellington -- Sheet 46 Plan 12

"The land between the castle and the moat still
" bears the name of the Castle Crofts, and at a little
"distance from thence is the Gillies Knowe".
Statistical Account (1842)

"At a short distance (from the Lady's Well) is the
" Gillie's Knowe - a name which, we should imagine,
"could only be given to it from the circumstance of the
"gillies, or attendants of an army **"
Patterson's History of Ayrshire (1847)

"The closely contiguous moat - the proximity of the
"'Gallows Knowe' as well as of the 'Castle Crofts' - serve to
"support the supposition that the village in days gone
" by was a dependancy of this (Dame Helen's) Castle".
Wylie's Ayrshire Streams (1851)

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