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WATER CAVE [Ailsa Craig] Water Cave
Water Cave
Mungo Guthrie This cave derives its name from the circumstance of the water flowing into it at full tide. The disposition of the rocks at the entrance has an artificial appearance. The interior is high and narrow. The cave has directions first N & S [North & South] second E .& W. [East & West]
ASHYDOO CRAIG [Ailsa Craig] Ashydoo Craig
Ashydoo Craig
Mungo Guthrie A high columnar portion of the cliff. The name is supposed to have reference to an ash-coloured gull resembling the dove in form. The build on this part of the Craig. Doo is a Scotticism for dove.
THE CAIRN [Ailsa Craig] The Cairn
The Cairn
Mungo Guthrie A cluster of slender columns so called from its supposed resemblance to a Cairn.

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