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MARTYR'S TOMB [nr Barhill] Martyr's Tomb
Martyrs Tomb
Martyrs Tomb
Martyrs Grave
Martyrs Grave
Martyrs Grave
Martyrs Grave
George Mitchell
John Galloway
Hugh Galloway
Johnstons Co. [County] Map
Rev [Reverend] William Dill
Rev [Reverend] William Moore
James McIlraith
067 This is a small unadorned stone Edifice like any other Tomb in a Church yard. In the Wall is placed a stone on which the following lines are cut. -

"Erected A.D. 1825. To the memory of John Murchie and Daniel Meiklewrick at the expense of a Generous Public and friends in the Covenanted Cause which these Martyrs suffered. bled & died in the persecution of 1685.

Here in this place two Martyrs lie whose blood to heaven hath a loud cry Murder'd Contrary to Divine laws For owning of King Jesus' Cause By bloody Drummond they were shot Without any trial on this spot.

There is an old stone placed by the side of the wall inside which appears to be the original. by the old spelling etc. on it are the following lines .-

"Here lys John Murchie & Daniel Meiklewrick by bloody Drummond they were shot. 1685.

They are natives of Wigtonshire & have been hunted from New Luce & shot on the spot. where this Tomb is erected

Signed. Thomas O Farrell
30th March '54

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Plan 67 - 10 Parish of Colmonell

"Place where John Murchie and Daniel Meiklewrick,Covenanters, were shot and buried A.D. 1685."

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