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FORT [A.D. 1652] [Ayr] Nil Hugh Miller
Alexander Fullarton
J.J. McDerment
033 [Situation] "Between the Town and the Mouth of the Harbour"
Oliver Cromwell seems to have had two objects in view, by the erection of the Citadel now called the Fort In the first place he intended it to serve as a military station for a large body of troops to overawe & defend the West and South of Scotland & secondly he wished by its means to secure the Command of the Town & harbour of Ayr, both at that time of more importance from the state of the times than they are at present. In Correspondence with these objects the citadel itself was both Capacious and strongly fortified +++ The area within the Walls which on 3 sides are yet entire is about 12 acres in extent. The Ground plan is a hexagon with bastions at the angles, but the figure is not regular, the two sides facing the sea and the town being much longer than any of the others - The main bastion occupying the north Eastern angle close upon the harbour and next the town Commands the entire Circuit of the Fortifications the River and the Town itself. It has still an elevation above the water of 45 feet & is supposed to occupy the site of the Ancient palace and Castle of Ayr built by William the Lion. The sides of this bastion like those of the other 4 which are yet to be traced vary from 120 to 135 feet in length and their are regular according to the system of fortifications now in use
Proceeding parallel to the River along the rampart but on a plane about 15 feet lower we arrive at a 2nd bastion Connected with the former by a Curtain 237 feet in length The Works now tend towards the west and a 2nd Curtain 266 feet long Conducts to a 3rd bastion These appear to have formed the main part of the fortification and have been erected with Great Care and at very Considerable expense
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