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BURNS' MONUMENT Burns' Monument
Burns' Monument
Burns' Monument
William Shaw
William Hunter L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
William Bone
033 It is situated at nearly an [equal ] distance between the Kirk & [the ] Auld Brig, having the road to Maybole across the new bridge, [facing] it in an oblique direction. It consists of a triangular [base] rising to the height of 16 or 18 feet from the ground, built very Massive materials, [Rough ] & rustic in appearance. These are intended to [represent ] the three divisions of the County, having a [face ] to each of the districts - Kyle, Carrick & [Cunningham] Over the base rises a superstructure of [Nine] open Circular [Columns] representing the Nine Muses, with rich capitols of the Corinthian order having [a] protecting Cupola, highly ornamented, surmounted by a gilt tripod. This tripod is supported by three [inverted] dolphins - fishes sacred to Apollo, who presided over the fine arts".

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