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AYR AND DALMELLINGTON RAILWAY Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Rev [Reverend] Robert Wallace
J McLannachan
David Baillie
033 A line of Railway between Ay [Ayr] and Dalmellington; a railway to Maybole called the Ayr and Maybole Junction Railway j [joined] (or diverged from) the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway at a point called the junction on [the] farm of Pleasantfield. The A [Ayr] and Dalmellington is a dou [double] line from Ayr to the junction and single thence to Dalmell [Dalmellington]. The Ayr and Maybole junct [junction] railway, extending as it does f [from] that point of the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway called th Junction to Maybole, is a single line of rails. The working of both the railways is by the Glasgow & South Western Railway company at a certain rate.

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[Page] 21-- Parish of Ayr

Having the Railway manned 1845/46 a
line was projected to connect Ayr & Galloway by
Dalmellington. Only a few miles were formed
between Sillyhole & Smithstone. This portion forms
part of the Ayr and Dalmellington Rauilway,
the Ayr and Galloway Railway project having
been abandoned. The capital of the Ayr and
Galloway has never been all called up and
the value per share is about one half of the
amount paid up.

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