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convenience. At the division of the
Parish Church here in the year 1818
consequent on an addition being made to it
I find from the Records of the Heritors, that
the sheriff regarded the arrangement
above referred to, as Legal & valid, &
divided the church accordingly. The Little
Cumbrae then belongs to the parish "quoad
sacra" & to Ardrossan "quoad civilia".
The precise date when this took place
I cannot ascertain - probably upwards of
40 years ago. The cause is supposed to
have been for the greater convenience of
parties attending church. It belongs
civilly and politically to the County of Bute
& pays Ministers stipend & poor rates
to the parish of Ardrossan: but not, as
far as I can learn, any other public
burden. Such are the only facts which
I can gather on the subject. You well
describe it when you call it an anomaly

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