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Gull Craig
Gull Craig
R. Hunter Esq
Chart of the Clyde
Mr Motion
228 A high Cliff at the S.W. [South West] end of the Little Cumbrae frequented by Gulls
KING'S CAVE Kings Cave
Kings Cave
Kings Cave
R. Hunter Esq
Chart of the Clyde
Mr Motion
228 A fissure in a Cliff at the south east end of the Little Cumbrae: A few yards from this, is another aperture in the face of the cliff: which is suppo[sed] to extend a great way into the earth. There is a tradition that a "Piper" entered this Cave, and that his music was heard for a considerable time; but went so far that the notes of his pipes could be heard at Garroch Head, in Bute. there is no account of his having ever returned, to relate his subterranean adventure.

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"The Caves formerly alluded to are mere fissures
"in the Rocks. They all occur low down, and
"near the South end of the island, where the
"stratification is more distinct and columnar.
"The largest of them, which is on the east
"side, is dignified with the name of Kings Cave;
"and in the tales of the place, is said to com-
"-municate, by a submarine passage, with
"the opposite island of Bute - such have ever been the speculations of credulity and unguided fancy."
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