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Burial Ground
Burial Ground
Burying Ground
R. Hunter Esq
Mr Motion
Mr Cassell Millport
Chart of the Clyde
Aitkens Map of Kilbride
228 A small enclosure on the summit of a Cliff, overlooking the Sea, wherein are deposited the remains of a male and female, children of residents on the island. It may be worthy of remark, as a reason why this peculiar spot should have been selected as a place of interment. The female, who was first buried here, was afflicted for some time previous to her death with a lingering illness and used frequently to retire to this secluded place: She became at length so attached to it that she wished to be laid there after her death.
Star Hole
Star Hole
Robert Hunter Esq
Mr Motion
Mr Cassell
228 A hollow, at the south end of the Little Cumbrae: deriving its name from a description of grass, of that name, growing there. (Mr Motion)

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"A Son and successor of the historian Wodrow in the parish of Eastwood,
"spent his latter days in this sequestered island, where he died, and
"was interned in a tomb, which had sometime before been con-
"-structed for the sepulture of one of his daughters, who had
"died here in early life of consumption. This romantic burial-place
"is situated on the brink of a high precipice, overlooking the ocean
"near the South West corner of the island; a spot to which it is
"said the young lady during her illness had become peculiarly attached, and where before her death,
"as stated on her tombstone, she requested the right to be laid". New Stat Acct [Statistical Account]

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