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CASTLE (In Ruins) [Castle Island; nr Little Cumbrae: now Buteshire] Castle (In Ruins)
Castle (In Ruins)
Castle (In Ruins)
Robert Hunter Esq Hunterston
Duncan McLaren teacher, Cumbray
Full [Fullarton's] Gazzetteer of Scotland P.283 Vol 1
popularly called
006 The ruins of an ancient square Tower situated on a Rocky island on the east side of Little Cumbrae. Mention is made of this Tower, in Fullarton's Gazzetteer as follows - "Upon the south side (of the Island) are a few dwelling houses and an old Square tower, which is situated directly opposite to another of the same kind on the mainland. Concering the antiquity of this Castle nothing can now be learned; and no date or inscription from which it might be ascertained, has ever been discovered. It seems to have been a place of some strength, and is surrounded by a rampart and a fosse, over which there has been a drawbridge: it was surprised an burned by the troops of Oliver Cromwell."
At the present time there is an appearance of a rampart, the foss mentioned above must be the channel which seperates it from the large island, and called North and South Gellet - and as for the Draw Bridge, there is no trace of it, and no apparent use for it. The channel being quite dry, except at high water. Sand, may have accumulated here since the period the Castle was fortified, owing to the action of the tides. I could meet with no one who was acquainted with the existence of the Fosse & Drawbridge mentioned above. J B[yrne]

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On an islet rock on its east side, near the middle of the island,
stands an ancient square tower, the wall of which are still
nearly entire. It is about 35 feet in height, embattled. The
area inside is 28 feet by 15, the walls being 6 in thickness;
and as usual the first story is vaulted over with stone arches.
During Cromwells visit to Scotland, Prinicipal Baillie
alludes to his having retired to this fortlet for some time. etc
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