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PATENT SLIP [Wet Dock; Ardrossan] Patent Slip
Patent Slip
Patent Slip
Feuing Plan
Provost Barr
John Moffat Esq
016 In the south side and connected with the 'Wet Dock'. It is used for [launching] vessels.
Crinan Rock
Grinan Beacon
Provost Barr
John Moffat Esq
Admirality Chart
016 An isolated rock situated in the Firth of Clyde covered at high water. In the rock is a moderate sign pole standing perpendicularly. It marks the position of the rock when covered a light can be attached to it when required for the safety as well as for the guidance of ships into the Harbour.

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Sheet 016.5 Trace 1 Ph [Parish of] Ardrossan Co [Count of] Ayr

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