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Knockrivoch Mount
Knockrivoch Mount
Knockrivoch Mount
Danish Camp
Round Hill
William Lockhart
James Muir
James Hill
Hugh Chalmers
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Old Stat Acct [Statistical Account]
011 A conspicuous object on the high ground between Knockrivoch and Towerlodge. Supposed to have been a Telegraphic Station in the early years the supposition seems feasible from its position with the inland portion the surrounding Country.
There is not a doubt of it being artificial it is wholly composed of earth and is at present about 12 feet high the land surface on the Top is about 80 links long and 45 broad.
The name supplied differs from the Old [Statistical] account in fact it is known in the locality as the Round Hill, Knockrivoch, Round hill, Knockrivock Hill and the mount.

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Parish of Ardrossan -- County of Ayr

"Round Hill, the top of which is entirely a piece of art, 28 yards in length and 18
"broad, and Seems to have been constructed for a Similar purpose with that
"on the Summit of "Knock Jargon." From those two hills , by smoke in the day
"and by flame in the night, Signals were communicated from hill to hill till the whole
"inland Country was alarmed. That hill tops, in Convenient Situations, were used
"for this purpose, is evident often from their names. For example Lowdown situated
"on the extremity of Ayrshire to the east, Signifies the hill of flame.
"Betwixt Round Hill and Lowdown, the country is a line at a plain upwards of 20 miles "
"not far from Round Hill Round hill is a small farm, called Towerlodge, where it is said
" the centinel who had this charge constantly resided. It was originally a gift of
" the Crown and to this day pays us Cess, teind or any other public burden. Old Stat Acct [Statistical Account]

Tradition has presenced no information concerning the persons whom on their design for which they were erected. New Stat Acct [Statistical Account].

[Note] * The Authorities Supplied are intelligent
farmer who all are in favour of the
name Supplied.
There is not any persons in the parish as yet committed
who agrees with the name shown on the Estate Map. -

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