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SCHOOL [Saltcoats] School
Mr Marshall Schoolmaster
Mr A Campbell
Doctor Wallace
016 This parish school is situated between Green Street and the Town House the duties of which are conducted by Mr Marshall the scholars are Male and Female who are taught a plain English Education
OLD WINDMILL (Ruin) [Saltcoats] Old Windmill
Doctor Wallace
Doctor Brown
Mr. A Campbell
Doctor Kinnear
Robert Cunningham Esqr.
016 There appears to be some obscurity relating to the Origin of this Ruin it is currently believed by the living Authorities to have been a Windmill at the same time the Original name of Windmill Street (Castlewearock) throws a doubt on the matter, as the name would imply that a castle was in some way connected with this name, the only clue which has been gained to elucidate the matter is a statement in the
Saltcoats Herald for october 1853 thus⁜

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Parish of Ardrossan -- County of Ayr

⁜ "It is said that there was at one time a castle built upon the
"rock on Castlewearock but time has long since demolished it and a house
"having a stone with a loophole ([inserted] House immediately South of Windmill) in it built into the gable stands on its site.
"the probability is that it was a Tower erected in more dangerous times to protect
"the coast.-
As the above is merely conjecture it may be perhaps prudent not
to insert the name on the authority of the Herald, that written on trace is the popular name

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