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Mr James Kelly, Occ. [Occupier]
Rent receipt
Mr McKelvie, Agent for Capn. [Captain] McNeill Campbelton

County Map
257 A farmhouse with offices, attached; property of Capn. [Captain] McNeill of Ogadale
STANDING STONE [Knockhantymore] Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Mr. Russel, High Tirferguss
Mr. James Kelly
257 A small standing stone, about 4 feet hgh, 3 broad and about 10 inches in thickness; it has the appearance of the ancient monumental standing stones, and believed to be such by the authorities quoted.
CNOCAN A' CHLUIG Cnocan a' Chluig
Cnocan a' Chluig
Cnocan a' Chluig
Cnocan a' Chluig
History of Kintyre
Mr. Peter McIntosh, Campbelton
Mr. James Kelly
Glencreggan by C. Bede.
257 A small hill immediately to the south-east of Kilkivan grave yard.
"There is a hill near the church called Cnocan-a-chluig, on which a man stood ringing a bell, to give due notice to the people to repair he church. The bell was concecrated, and called an "Ceolan-naomha," or the holy music. About a century ago it was used by the town crier of Campbeltown in delivering his notices."
History of Kintyre

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257-9 Parish of Campbelton Argyllshire

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