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High Kilkivan
High Kilkivan
Charles McTaggart Esqr. Pro. [Proprietor]
Mr Galbraith Occr. [Occupier]
Mr. Cunninghame
257 A dwelling house & Offices partly in ruins. This is Occupied as an outland farm by Mr. Galbraith of East Trodigal.
CHAPEL (In Ruins) [High KiIkivan] Chapel (In ruins) Mr. McIntosh Campbeltown
Origines Parochiales
Old Stat: [Statistical] Account
A short distance westward [from High Kilkivan] is the ruins of a chapel, within a grave yard which is still in use, The ruins of the Chapel still stand about 6 or 7 feet high and are of an Oblong Shape. it is said to be the remains of the last of the old churches in KIntyre, in which public worship was performed before the Reformation
"Cil-chaomhan, the church or Cil of the beoved is 4 miles west of Cambeltown, in the midst of a very fertile district. The broken walls of the church are still standing in the centre of the burial ground, It is said to the remains of the last old churches in Kintyre, in which public worship was performed before the Reformation. Some records of this church are still extant in Inverary. It's discipline, according to tradition, was very curious. The Priest or Minister being much annoyed with delinquencies, proposed, and put into practice, that a yearly meeting should take place in the church, when all who were not satisfied with wives or husbands should assemble, the Church being darkened, and try their fortunes in grasping some one or other. When the church was lighted again whether the one they held was hunchbacked or crooklegged, they were obliged to put up with them till the next yearly meeting. McIntosh's History of Kintyre

"The early history of the church of Kilkivan is unknown. Its name seems to indicate its dedication to St. Coomgan or Keivan It stood on the side of a lofty range of hills about 1 mile from from Machnihanish Bay, part of the building which in 1794 was in good preservation, still remains. Pennants Tour of 1772

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