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..... [Town] of Campbelton Argyllshire

Remarks on the Plans etc

On Sheet 251.12, the name
Callyburn (in ruins) appears, and on
the adjoining sheet 251.16 the
name Calliburn or Kylipole also
appears, please to state (docs) the
two names appear on the Name
Book of Campbelton Ph [Parish]
and should both names be
spelled alike?
John Curry

The namelist for the parish
of Campbelton was forwarded
from Southampton 4th April
to Captain White R.E. [Royal Engineers]
22 Apr 71

Captain Melville
Royal Engineers


Capt [Captain][ Parsons.]
I must refer you
to the Name Book
of Campbelton Ph. [Parish]
which is not in this
office, but at South-
ampton. I should say
of the name in both
sheets refers to the
same object, it should
in both cases be spellt

B.H. Melville
Capt R.E.[Captain Royal Engineers]

29th April 1871. N.B. received from Captain White R.E. [Royal Engineers]
and the names allowed to stand as they are on plans
A. McLachlan
Ex. [Examining] Officer Southampton

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