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ALLT NA H-ACAIRE Allt na h-Acaire
Allt na h-Acaire
Archibald Mathieson, Glenahanty
John McFadzean, Kirrifuar
262 A small stream falling into Glenbuckrie Water, about ΒΌ of a mile west of Achnaslishaig.
Signification - probably the acre Burn.
LECKNACREIVE (Ruins) Lecknacreive
Mr Ferguson
A. Mathieson, Neil McNaughton. Glenrea
262 A name applied to a ruin & grazing formerly a farm. The property of the Duke of Argyll.
LECKNACREIVE BURN Lecknacreive Burn Mr Ferguson
A. Mathieson, Neil McNaughton. Glensrea
262 A good stream bearing the name from the junction of Allt Seileaich and Allt a Gille dhuibhe (262 Trace 5) flows in a South and Easterly direction forms part of the Ph [Parish] Boundary and falls into Glenbuckrie Water.
BREACKERIE WATER Breackerie Water Mr Ferguson
A Mathieson
Neil McNaughton Glenrea
262 Described in Name Sheets of Southend Parish.

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