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Kilchousland Continued

of Kilbrandon, she was buried in
this place. I have seen the place said
to be her grave. It is a coffin, or chest,
made up of stone flags. like many others of the
same kind in Kintyre. It is not known at what
date religious worship was given up in this church,
but its walls look more fresh than any other of the
old sacred edifices. I saw in it a large stone,
with an open space in the centre, through which
parties caught hands who had eloped against the
consent of parents or friends; and having succeeeded in
reaching the church, though they were closely pursued,
if they performed the act of catching hands, it was
held unlawful to separate them; but permit them to
be married when their friends became reconciled".
History of Kintyre

"The Church of Kilchousland whose walls are
still entire, stands on a rocky eminence over-
hanging the sea not far from the mouth of
Loch Kilkerran".
Origines Parochailes

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