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Thomas Gemmel Occr. [Occupier]
Robert Dickie
257 A fine farm house and offices the property of the Duke of Argyle
Bows Burn
Bows Burn
Thomas Gemmel
Robert Dickie
Donald Carswell, Kilchnish
257 A small stream or burn having its rise on the hills East of Dalrioch and running in north easterly direction to its confluence with Chiskin Water
Robert Dickie Occr. [Occupier
Thomas Gemmel
Donald Carswell
257 A large and fine farm house with offices attached the property of the Duke of Argyle.
CHAPEL (Site of) [Killeonan] Chapel (Site of)

Chapel (Site of)
Robert Dickie
Donald Carswell
Mr. MacIntosh Campbeltown
257 In a field to the south west of this farm house [Killeonan] on Trace 4 is evidently to be seen the Gable of an old building about 1 1/2 feet high which the Authorities here quoted say is the only remains left of an old chapel said to be dedicated to a St. Eonan. Any further information cannot be gleaned. Farther than a small patch of ground here is left unploughed in veneration of the chapel. "of the 4 Parishes Churches, the ruins of 2 only only exist. There are several small chapels, of which a part of the walls are still standing, besides some others, probably of more ancient date, which having mouldered away into heaps of rubbish over grown with moss may still be traced, which tradition points out their locality, & has carefully preserved their name". New Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account]

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Plan 257.15 parish of Campbeltown Argyllshire

[Chaepl (Site of)] (Remains of)/

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