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Mr. Harvey Light Keeper
John Cameron
J. Ritchie Sanda
267 A small place of shelter for fishing smacks.
Sig: [Signification] A place where rain
clouds collect.

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Sanda Island [continued from page 61]
"A small island at the west side of the entrance to the Firth of Clyde figures prominently in history as
the common station of the Scandinavian fleets during the contests for the possession of Kintyre and
the Hebrides. Aven - a name which Sanda still occasionally bears - is an abbreviation of the long and
sonorous designation anciently given it of Avona Porticosa; Sanda, however, is the original name & occurs
in Adamnan's life of St. Columba". The island of Sanda belongs to the parish of Southend"
Fullarton's Gazetteer

"Southend not only includes the two ancient parishes of Kilcolmkill & Kilblaan, but also the island of Sanda
with two very small ones close to it. Buchanan, in his history of Scotland refers to its ancient importance as the station of
the Scandinavian fleets in their excursions to these coasts, & during their contests for the possession of Kintyre and the
neighbouring islands. At the time it was the rendezvous of the Danish fleet it was called Avona Porticosa; and is
still called Aven by the Highlanders. Sanda, however, is the more ancient name as appears from the life of St. Columba
written by Adomnan, Abbot of Iona, in the year 680". New Stat [Statistical] Account.

Fliuchach [note]
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