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COIRE BEAG Coire Beag Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Clerk, Kilmallie
Mr. J. McPherson
011 A small hollow from which several streams have their source - situated on the south west side of Meall an Doire Dhuinn. Meaning "Small Hollow".

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Apologies in advance for the headache: The Index and the Name Book place this Coire Beag [#2] on Sheet 11. There is another Coire Beag [#1] situated a little north east of this one [Page 225] "as the name implies - a "small hollow" - situated between Coire Dubh and Loch Linnhe" which is written on Sheet 11. This Coire Beag [#2] is not marked on Sheet 11, although it may be partly in the area covered, it is written on Sheet 20 as described: "south west of Meall an Doire Dhuinn". Further to that, the link listed below Sheet 20 leads to Volume 43 Page 13 which has another entry for [#2]. The point being that the Situation for this one should be 011; 020.

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