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FORT [Dun Mhuirich] Dùn Mhuirich
Dùn Mhuirich
Dùn Mhuirich
Dun McHuirick
Dr. McLeod, Tayvallich.
John McGougain, "S. [South] Ardbeg".
John Smith, Barbeith.
Stat. [Statistical] Account.
169 The remains of a British or Danish Fort close to an arm of Loch Swein, near "Druim-nan-gall". The walls are still in a remarkable state of preservation, not apparently altered from the time when the "Stat: [Statistical] Acct: [Account]" Of the parish was compiled several years ago. The account written of this is as follows.- "On a rocky mount opposite 'Taynish', about 160ft. above (an arm of) Loch Swein, there is an ancient fort of an oval form, with a double rampart and Various Compartments named Dun McHuirick". "Dhù Mhuirich", which is the proper name to be given to this object, Sig: [Signifies] "Murdoch's Fort".

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