List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
UAMH STOCAIRE "Uamh Stocaire"
"Uamh Stocaire"
"Uamh Stocaire"
A McMillan "Aironn",
A. McAllister - Kilmory
D McKellar - Stronfield. Stronefd. [Stronefield]
190 "The trumpeter's Cavern", is a cave situated close to the western shore of the "Point of Knap".
ALLT AN AOMAIDH Allt an Aomaidh
Allt an Aomaidh
A. McAllister - "Kilmory",
A McMillan "Aironn"
190 "Allt an Aomaidh", or "Burn of the Incline", is a stream flowing in a gentle incline from some moory ground in the interior.
PORT AN AOMAIDH Port an Aomaidh
Port an Aomaidh
A McMillan -
A. McAllister -
190 There is a small bay or port into which it [Allt an Aomaidh] flows - termed "Port an Aomaidh".
PORT AN T-SALAINN "Port an t-Salainn"
"Port an t-Salainn"
"Port an t-Salainn"
A McMillan
A. McAllister -
Dr. McCleod - Tayvallich
190 "Or the Salt port", which is that given to a small boat port close to the foot of the "point of Knap".

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