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FORT [Dun a' Bhuilg] Fort (Dùn Bhuilg)

Fort (Dùn Bhuilg)
Fort (Dùn Bhuilg)
Dun Bhuilg
"Dùn a' Bhuilg"
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McKenzie
Archibald McAllister
Duncan McLean
Duncan McTaggart.
Admiralty Chart.
G.O. [Gaelic Orthography]
190 On a Small eminence, rather rocky, between Kilmory & Feranoch is an oval figure, Composed of loose stones; stated by tradition to ba another of the fortifications that were in use in the early times. Sig. [Signification] "Fort of the protuberance".
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McKenzie
Duncan McLean Fearnoch
Archibald McAllister
Admiralty Chart
190 A good slated farm house & thatched outbuildings, situated about ½ a mile South of Kilmory The property of Campbell Esq. of Inverneill.

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Sheet 190 South Knapdale

[Fort (Dun a' Bhuilg)] Bholg
Dun Bholg in the plural not the singular

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