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KILMORY BURN Kilomory Burn
Kilomory Burn
Kilomory Burn
Angus McMillan - "Ardnoe",
D. McKellar, Stronfield.
A. McLachlan - Doid,
179 A stream which rises on the western Slope of "Cnoc Stighseir", flows in an almost S. [South] westerly Course into Kilmory Bay.
Cnoc Stighseir
Cnoc Stighseir
A. McLachlan - "Doid"
D. McKellar, "Stronfield".
D. Graham, "Dunrostan",
179 A promient & very rocky feature on the eastern side of the farms of "Doid". The origin of "Stighseir" cannot be well ascertained.
LOCH NA CRANNAIG "Loch na Crannaig"
"Loch na Crannaig"
"Loch na Crannaig"
A. Leitch - "Ellary"
D. McKellar, "Stronfd". [Stronfield].
D. McDougall - "Cove",
179 A small loch close to the northern base of a very rocky feature called "A' Chrannag".
LOCH MEADHONACH Loch Meadhonach.
Loch Meadhonach.
Loch Meadhonach.
A. Leitch -
D. McDougal -
D. McKellar -
179 "Loch Meadhonach", or "Mid loch", is another, west of "Loch a' Bhealaich" and east of the above [Loch na Crannaig].

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