List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
A' BHRATAG A' Bhratag
A' Bhratag
A' Bhratag
N. McNeill - Castle Sween
D. Leitch So. [South] Castle Sween
D. Graham, Dunrostan.
179 A' Bhratag, or the Caterpillar, is a small rock detached from the shore, a little to the south west of "Castle Sween".
CRUACH NAN DOIR'CHOILLTEAN "Cruach nan Doir'choilltean"

"Cruach nan Doir'choilltean"
D. Graham - "Dunrostan".
Archibald Leitch - "Ellary".
Donald McDougall - "Cove".
179 A prominent hill on the farm of "Ellary", east of "Loch na Beiste". Sig:- ]Signification] "Hill of hte Groves", or Thickets.
Maoile Fhuar
Maoile Fhuar
D. Graham, Dunrostan.
A. Leitch - Ellary.
D. McDougall - Cove.
179 A prominent feature north of "Loch na Beiste", very rocky & steep on its east side. The signification "Windy Hill", may be owing to its exposure which is presumed to be the case by the Authorities quoted.

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