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Amhainn Airidhcheoduis
Rev [Reverend] D Jackson Kilmartin
Alexander Orr Tibertich
138 Applies to that portion of stream flowing through the valley of Kilmartin, from Ath Mhic Mhairtean to Carnassary - From Carnassary the stream is Known as Kilmartin River. Sig. [Signification] Not Known
CREAG A' CHAPUILL Creag a Chapuill
Creag a Chapuill
Rev [Reverend] D Jackson
John McNicol Ford
138 A very rocky & prominent hill situated about a mile west of Loch Ederline. Sig. [Signification] The Mare's Rock.
CREAGAN TAIRBH Creag an Tairbh
Creag an Tairbh
Craiginterane or Bull Rock
Rev [Reverend] D Jackson
John McNicol
New Statistical Accot. [Account]
138 A very bold rock situated a few yards S.E. [South East] of the above. Sig. [Signification] The Bull's Rock

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Amhainn Airidhcheoduis [Notes] Airidhdeoduis or Airidhcheoduis -- ch cannot be articulated between dh, and d, and if ch is sounded before d. then d is silent.
"The river which flows through the valley of Kilmartin, is still named the river of Skeodnish" New Statistical Acct. [Account]

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