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LIGHTHOUSE [Rudha nan Gall] Lighthouse
(Fixed Red Green & White)
Ditto 038 Situated on Rudha nan Gall and about 1¼ miles north of Tobermory. The light room is furnished witth a fixed Holophosal light with sets of straight prisms for reflecting the same. It is the property of the Light House Commissioners and was built in 1858.
RUDHA NAN GALL Rudha nan Gall Mr J A campbell, Dervaig
Mr Lachlan McKinnon, Tobermory
Mr A Brown, Merchant, Tobermory
038 Applies to a point of land on the sea coast situate about 1¼ miles north of Tobermory and about ½ a mile east of Drusine na Sroine-cruime. It is the property of Sir Fredk Caldwell and is in the Parish of Kilninian & Kilmore. The name means Point of the Stangers.

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