List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CUIN Cuin Revd Alex Paterson Torloisk
Mr Kenneth Macdonald Cuin
Mr John Campbell Teacher Dervaig
052 A farm house on the north side of the road between Dervaig and Quinnish and about ¾ of a mile from Dervaig. It is on the property of Mr Forsyth of Quinnish.
DRUIM NA GEOIDH Druim na Geoidh Ditto 051; 052 A ridge on the southwest side of #loch Cuin and about ½ a mile southwest of Cuin. The name means Ridge of the Geese and is the property of Lord Compton Torloisk
LOCH CUIN Loch Cuin Ditto 051; 052 An arm of the sea about 2 miles long running in a southeasterly direction from about 1 mile north west of Cuin to the Village of Dervaig.

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