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Note. The old castle of Tor-Castle is by the
natives of the place called Tigh Bhanco
i.e. Banquo’s house’s. There is a walk by
the Lochyside to the North of Tor-Castle known
as Sràid Bhanco, i.e. ‘Banquo's Walk’; and
the small green field close by the Castle is
called Dail a' Chait, i.e. 'The field of the Cats'
where Banquo is said to have gone through
a mode of 'Divination' by means of
placing a Cat on an iron spit, & torturing
him until the 'King of the Cats' - a powerful
spirit, or demon came forward, and, on
condition of getting his subject released
revealed futurity to the questioner.
The site is erroneously styled 'Togarma'
by Sir Walter Scott in a note to the Lady
at the Lake. The correct designation
is Tigh-ghairm nan Cat; i.e. 'The
House of Invocation' (of Cats.)
Shakespeare in all probability heard the
Gaelic traditions about Banquo Thane
of Lochaber. There is a song by John
MacDonald (Iain Lòm) who lived in the
reigns of Charles I and II speaking of the
Stewart Kings as of the 'True race of
Archibald Clerk L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
Kilmallie Manse
16th Augt [August] 1872


To be entered in name Book
G. Herbert Bolland
Capt RE [Captain Royal Engineers]

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