List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BLUEHOUSE Bluehouse Mr James Cowan, Forester Occupant.
Mr Peter McDonald, Occupant.
Mr David Brook, Estate Clerk, Islay House.
208 A substantial dwelling house situated on the north side of the public road leading from Bridgend to Port Charlotte. About 3/4 of a mile from the former, also a short distance east from where Eallabus Burn crosses the public road and is the property of Charles Morrison Esquire of Islay
FOGHOUSE POND Foghouse Pond Mr William Dunlop, Knockdon Farm.
Mr Peter McDonald, Bluehouse.
Mr David Brock, Estate Clerk,Islay House.
208 Applies to a small pond containing four small islands on which grows trees and bushes, situated in the southwest corner of Rookery
Plantation also a little more that 1/8 of a mile NW of Bluehouse.
ROOKERY PLANTATION Rookery Plantation Mr James Cowan, forester,Bluehouse.
Mr Peter McDonald, Bluehouse.
Mr David Brook, Estate Clerk, Islay House.
208 An irregular sided piece of mixed wood, situated on the southwest side of Eallabus North Plantation and 1/2 mile NW of Islay House, in the southwest corner of which is situated Foghouse Pond: The property of Charles Morrison, Esquire of Islay

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