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CHAPEL (Site of) [InverneiI] Chapel (Site of)
Chapel (Site of)
Mr Neil Blair
Mr William Wilson
170 At the place indicated by cross on Trace there is said by one of the authorities quoted (Mr Blair) to have been an old Roman Catholic Chapel. No trace of it now remains but Mr Blair states that he distinctly minds of seeing the erection some height above the ground.
This chapel is probably that referred to in Old Stat. [Statistical] Account as follows:
"Kilduslan is a small chapel on the shore of Lochgilp..." At least we can identify no other site of a chapel answering to the description.
T. P. W. Lt.RE [Lieutenant of the Royal Engineers]
BURIAL GROUND [chapeI, InverneiI] 170 A little to the south of place marked by cross is a burial place, still used by the people in the neighbourhood. In the centre of this burial ground there is a large flat Tombstone the property of Mr Wilson Auchbraad and Mr Wilson says that when his father was in life, he told him that the alter of the Chapel stood where this Tombstone now stands. He also mentions that at the time his father was making some repairs on Inverneil farm house two or three large stones were taken out of that spot by his father and used as lintels and that at some time or other a cross was found but of what material or what became of it he does not know.
Inverneil Burn Written and described on plan (170 T. [Trace] 15).

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170.16 -- Parish of South Knapdale -- Argyllshire

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