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AIRDS CASTLE (Ruin) Airds Castle
Airds Castle
Airds Castle
John McArthur Bridgend
James Steel Carradale
John Patterson Tigh Cruach
242 No information but the name can be obtained in the district with reference to this antiquity. The size (3 chs [chains] x 1) would lead one to suppose it to have been a place of considerable importance and must have been inaccessable at the shore Side the wall having been built on the edge of a steep precipice. The only remains now to be seen is a small portion of wall at the South end & N.E [North East] angle.

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[Page] 73
Parish of Saddell & Skipness -- Argyllshire

"Upon several of the headlands near the sea-coast
there are ruins of small forts, which probably served
as Watch Towers or stations for telegraphic signals
There is one at Carradale which must have been
of some importance. It is built on a high rock
fronting the sea, whence it is inaccessible and was
defended on the land side by a broad & deep ditch.
It is 240 ft [feet] long by 72 broad. Nothing now remains
but a portion of the outer wall."
New Stat: [Statistical] Account

Remarks by Examg. Offr. [Examining Officer]
The remains here are obviously not those of
one of the ancient 'duns' or hillforts. The portions
of wall which still are standing have all the appearance
of having belonged to a more modern feudal castle.

The small indent 4' deep at the S.E.
angle, the regularity of the lines of wall,
& the squareness of outline of the place,
also the character of the masonry are
conclusive evidence.
[Initialled] T.P.W.

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