Argyll volume 20

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OS1/2/20/1 DRISHAIG Drishaig Drishaig Drishaig Duncan Black. "Coille" Hugh Brodie - Laglingartan Alexander Mc Donald, Ardgenavan 133.04 A few dwelling houses on the farm of "Coille", for the estate of Mr Callender
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OS1/2/20/3 DUNDERAVE Dundaraav Dundarave Dundarave Dundarave Dunderave Dunduramh Dunderave Revd [Reverend] Mr McPherson. Inverary Hugh Brodie Laglingarten Alexander McDonald. Ardgenavan. Donald Black. "Coilles." "Peter Luke" at Castle Stat [Statistical] Account. County Directory 133.08 Dwelling houses on the farm of "Coilles".
OS1/2/20/3 CASTLE (Ruins of) "Castle" (In Ruins) 133.08 Near the point stands the Old Castle of "Dundarave", the walls of which are still in tolerable preservation, and are very strong. There are small turrets along the angles in the walls. The whole may be considered "in Ruins".
OS1/2/20/3 DUNDERAVE POINT Dundarave Point 133.08 South of the "old Castle" is a rocky projection into "Loch Fine", Known as "Dundarave Point",
OS1/2/20/3 [Page] 3 Argyllshire -- Ph [Parish] Parish of Kilmorich [notes] Dùn-dà-ràmh "Fort of the two Oars" Gael [Gaelic] Orthography. "The castle of Dunduramh is a large and strong tower of an irregular figure with small turrets along the angles in the wall; but, as it is built in a low situation, it could only be a defence against the cursory attacks of the hostile neighbours. Above the gate of the castle is the following inscription 1596 J.MAN. Behold the end of all Benought. Wiser than the Hiestes I trust in God." Old Stat [Statistical] Account Vol [Volume] 3 p [page] 168.
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OS1/2/20/5 FEADAN BLÀTH Feadan Blàth Feadan Blàth Feadan Blàth John Brodie Cairndow Hector Arachar "ArdKinglas" Peter Brodie Laglingarten 133.08 A hollow space through which "Allt na Cruaidhlinn" flows - Sig: [Signification] "Warm Hollow"
OS1/2/20/5 RUDHA NO Rudha No Rudha No Rudha No John Brodie Hector Arachar Peter Brodie 133.08 A projected portion of fore shore on the borders of "Loch Fyne" Sig: [Signification] "Rudha" a point, and "No" is thought by the first authority quoted to be derived from "Nodha" Sig: [Signification] New. We have however the famous No: "Ardno", we have Also "Allt Coire No" and "Coire No", which might be construed with "Allt Coire Nodha" and "Coire Nodha",
OS1/2/20/5 TOM DUBH Tom Dubh Tom Dubh Tom Dubh 133.08 A strip of rising ground in woods N. W. [North West] of County road - Sig: [Signification] "Black Hill".
OS1/2/20/5 [Page] 5 Kilmorich Parish -- Argyll "Rudha Nodha," [note] Supposed Gaelic Sig: [Signification] Originally. [Note] RUDHA NO {See Trace 16. Sheet 133}
OS1/2/20/6 RUDHA BÀTHAICH BHÀIN "Rudha Bàthaic Bhàin," "Rudha Bàthaic Bhàin," "Rudha Bàthaic Bhàin," Hector Arachar, Ardkinglas. Hugh Brodie Laglingarten. John Brodie Cairndow, 133.08 A projection in "Loch Fine" North-West of the Cottage of that name Sig;- [Signification] Point of (the) White Byres."
OS1/2/20/6 LEAC BHUIDHE Leac Bhuidhe Leac Bhuidhe Hector Arachar. Peter Brodie. 133.08 A narrow strip of flat rock extending along the lines of "High Water". Sig: [Signification]: "Yellow Rock"
OS1/2/20/6 A' CHRUAIDHLINN A'Cruaidhlinn A'Cruaidhlinn Hector Arachar Peter Brodie. 133.08 "The hard rocky ground:" which is the Signification of the name. Applies to the strip of rock at the foot of "Allt na Cruaidhlinn"
OS1/2/20/6 ALLT NA CRUAIDHLINN Allt na Cruaidhlinn. Allt na Cruaidhlinn. Allt na Cruaidhlinn. Peter Brodie Hector Arachar John Brodie 133.08 Applicable to a burn thus named from the south-eastern limits of "Feadan Blath," flows in a north-westerly course into "Loch Fine".
OS1/2/20/6 [Page] 6 Kilmorich Parish -- Argyll [Note] RUDHA BÀTHAICH BHÀIN on 133/4
OS1/2/20/7 ARDGENAVAN Ardgenavan Ardgenavan Ardgenavan Alexander McDonald. Occr [Occupier] Hugh Brodie, "Laglingarten". Donald Black, "Coille". 134.01 A small cottage on the farm of "Coille", the property of Mr Callander.
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OS1/2/20/9 RUDHA MÒR Rudha Mòr Rudha Mòr Rudha Mòr Hector Arrachar, Ardkinglas Peter Brodie. Laglingarten. William Jones Village 134.01 A portion of the foreshore of "Loch Fine" which courses around the mouth of "Ardkinglas Water," Sig:- [Signification] Great Point
OS1/2/20/9 RUDHA BEAG Rudha Beag Rudha Beag Rudha Beag Peter Brodie Laglingarten. John Brodie Caindow Hector Arrachar 134.01 A small point in "Loch Fine", about ½ mile south-west of the above - Sig:- [Signification]: "Little Point."
OS1/2/20/9 CAMAS A' BHATA Camas a' Bhata Camas a' Bhata Camas a' Bhata Peter Brodie John Brodie Hector Arrachar 134.01 A small bay or harbour of safety for fishing boats: on account of which the Sig:- [Signification] is given. "The Boat Bay" or "Creek".
OS1/2/20/9 STRONE Strone Strone Strone Peter Brodie John Brodie Hector Arrachar 134.01 A few Cotters' dwellings south of "Cairndow." and close to the high road leading to "Inverary."
OS1/2/20/9 [Page] 9 Kilmorich Ph [Parish] -- Argyll
OS1/2/20/10 CAIRNDOW Cairndow Cairndow Cairndow William Jones - Villager John Brodie - Villager Peter Brodie - Laglingarten 134.01 A small village on the borders of "Loch Fine" through which passes public road from Glasgow to Inverary. - The hamlet comprises in chief - A Parish Church which in appearance is modern. A School with Post Office - An Inn together with a few settlement dwellings. -
OS1/2/20/10 CHURCH Church Church Church Revd [Reverend] Mr McNaughton William Jones - Inn Keeper Peter Brodie - Laglingarten 134.01 A small octagonal shaped Building Modern - and is the Parish Church Within an enclosed wall is the burial ground. There is no "Manse" at present attached to the Church.
OS1/2/20/10 INN Inn 134.01 On the east side of high road distance about 6 chains from the Ch[urch] is the "Inn" -
OS1/2/20/10 School "School" (Parish) and Post Office. Mr John Brodie - Master. Revd [Reverend] Mr McNaughton. M [Minister] 134.01 At the Northern extremity of the Village is the P[aris]h School with "Post Office" - there is a small croft attached attached to the school being the property of the heritors of the parish -
OS1/2/20/10 10 Kilmorich Ph [Parish] Argyll Church in R.O. School in MP.
OS1/2/20/11 ARDKINGLAS HOUSE Ardkinglas Ho: [House] Ardkinglas Ho: [House] Ardkinglas Ho: [House] Hugh Brodie - Laglingarten Mr Nicoll - Gardener Hector Arrachar - Ardkinglas Mr Wilson - factor - Inverary 134.01 The mansion house of Ardkinglas is one of recent erection, it having been built after the Castle of that name had been destroyed by fire not many years since. It is beautifully situated within the policy grounds. There are extensive "Offices", three Lodges, approaches from each towards the house. The property of George F. H. Callander Esqr.
OS1/2/20/11 BAD DARACH Bad Darach Bad Darach Bad Darach Hugh Brodie - Laglingarten Hector Arachar John Brodie - "Cairndow" 134.01 A strip of Oak wood extending eastward from the bridge over the "Kinglas Water". Sig [Signification]: "Oak Clump"
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OS1/2/20/13 BÀTHACH-BÀN COTTAGE Bàthach-bàn Cottage Bàthach-bàn Cottage Bàthach-bàn Cottage Peter Brodie "Laglingarten" Hector Arachar. "Ardkinglas" John Brodie Cairndow. 134.05 A neat small cottage on the estate of "Ardkinglas" Sig:- [Signification] "White-byre Cottage"
OS1/2/20/13 ALLT BÀTHAICH BHÀIN Allt Bàthach Bhàin Allt Bàthach Bhàin Allt Bàthach Bhàin Hector Arachar. Peter Brodie. John Brodie. 134.05 A narrow burn having its Source in the high grounds of Ardkinglas Estate, flows in a north-westerly course into "Loch Fine", Sig:- [Signification] "White Byre Burns."
OS1/2/20/13 ALLT CAMAS A' BHÀTA "Allt Camas a' Bhata" "Allt Camas a' Bhata" Hector Arachar. Hugh Brodie. 134.05 A stream having its source in the high grounds of "Ardkinglas", flows in a north-westerly direction into "Loch Fine", Sig:- [Signification] "The Boat Bay B. [Burn]."
OS1/2/20/13 [Page] 13 Kilmorich Parish -- Argyll
OS1/2/20/14 ALLTAN FICHEAD SGILLINE Alltan Fithead Sgilline Alltan Fithead Sgilline Alltan Fithead Sgilline John Brodie, Cairndow Peter Brodie, Laglingarten Hector Arachar. Ardkinglas. 134.05 A burn which rises in the grounds of "Ardkinglas," flows in a north-westerly direction into "Loch Fine" - Sig:- [Signification] "Twenty penny" or "Twenty pence B [Burn]."
OS1/2/20/14 CÀRN A' MHUILINN "Càrn a' Mhuilinn" "Càrn a' Mhuilinn" "Càrn a' Mhuilinn" Peter Brodie. Hugh Brodie. Hector Arachar. 134.05 An accumulation of large low rocks on the hill slopes situated south of "Kinglas Water" Sig:- [Signification] "The Mill Cairns" , There having been a mill in this vicinity some years ago.
OS1/2/20/14 Croit-a'-chonnaidh Croit-a'-chonnaidh Croit-a'-chonnaidh Croit-a'-chonnaidh Peter Brodie Hugh Brodie Hector Arachar 134.05 A small house occupied by Cotters on the estate of "Ardkinglas" - Sig [signification] :-"Croft of the fuel"
OS1/2/20/14 [Page] 14 Kilmorich Parish -- Argyll Altan Fichead Sgilline [note] Agreeably to to Suggestion of O.S.O [Ordnance Survey Office] Southampton [Signed] Bruce H. Melville Capt R.E [Captain Royal Engineers] July 30. 1870
OS1/2/20/16 [Page] 16 INDEX Name -- Sheet -- Plan -- Page A' Chruaidhlinn -- 133 -- 8 -- 6 Allt na Chruaidhlinn -- 133 --8 -- 6 Ardgenavan -- 134 -- 1 -- 7 Ardkinglas House -- 134 -- 1 -- 11 Allt Barthaic Bhain -- 134 -- 5 -- 13 Allt Camas a' Bhata -- 134 -- 5 -- 13 Alltan Fichead Sgilline --134 --5 -- 14 Bad Darrach -- 134 -- 1 -- 11 Bathach-ban Cottage -- 134 -- 5 -- 13 Castle (Ruins of) -- 133 -- 8 -- 3 Camas a' Bhata -- 134 -- 1 -- 9 Cairndow -- 134 -- 1 -- 10 Church -- 134 -- 1 -- 10 Croit-a-chommaidh -- 134 -- 5 -- 14 Càrn a'Mhuiliun -- 134 -- 5 -- 14 Drishaig -- 133 -- 4 -- 1 Dundarave -- 133 -- 8 -- 3 Dundarave Point -- 133 -- 8 -- 3 Feadan Blath -- 133 -- 8 -- 5 Inn -- 134 -- 1 -- 10 Leac Bhuidhe -- 133 -- 8 -- 6 Post Office -- 134 -- 1 -- 10 Rudha No -- 133 -- 8 -- 5 Ruidha Barthaich Bhain -- 133 -- 4 -- 6 Rudha Mòr -- 134 -- 1 -- 9 Rudha Beag -- 134 -- 1 -- 9 Strone -- 134 -- 1 -- 9 School -- 134 -- 1 -- 10 Tom Dubh -- 133 -- 8 -- 5
OS1/2/20/16A [Page] 16A List of Proprietors Agents &c in the ph [parish] of Kilmorich 1/2500 scale Names Address G.F.W. Callander Esqr. Ardkinglass Hu. [House] by Inverary W. Wilson Esqr Factor Inverary R. Livingston Esqr. Drimsynie Lochgoilhead Mr John Brodie Teacher Cairndow by Inverary [Signed] Bruce H. Melville Capt. R.E [Captain Royal Engineers]
OS1/2/20/17 Drishaig Drishaig Drishaig Drishaig Duncan Black. "Coille". Hugh Brodie -Laglingarten. Alexander McDonald, Ardgenavan. 133.04 A few dwelling houses on the farm of "Coille," on the estate of Mr Callander.
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