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RUDHA NA SAIN Rudha na Sain
Rudha na Sain
Rudha na Sain
J.G. Campbell Esqr.
Sir John Ord
Mr. Aitcheson
171 A point of rocky land immediately of Silver Craigs. The property of J.G. Campbell Esqr. Sig. [Signification] Rudha, a point Sain, not known in the locality.
LIATH EILEAN Laith Eileans
Laith Eileans
Eilean Bheag
Eilean Bheag
Liath Eilean
J.G. Campbell Esqr. & proprietor
D. McFarlane, Tomdow
Sir John Ord
An old Estate map in Sir John's possession
171 Two islands south of Silver Craigs the property of J.G. Campbell Esqr. of Castleton. The largest is known by some as Eilean Bheag. But both are more popularly known by the Laith Eileans. Sig. [Signification] Laith, Grey Eilean, island

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171.10 -- Parish of Glassary -- Argyllshire

Liath Eilean [note]
Liath Grey
the letter i not
in its right place

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T.P. White Lt. RE [Lieutenant Royal Engineers]

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