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INSCRIBED ROCK [Cairnbaan] Inscribed Rock
Inscribed Rock
Inscribed Rock
Mr. Dugald Black, Cairnbaan
Rev [Reverend] Mr. Mappleton, Duntroon
Mr. McFarlane Cairnbaan Inn
160 A flat rock level with the surface measuring about 15 links long by 10 broad and having 16 or 17 concentric circles inscribed on it. The largest of the circles are about 1 feet in diameter and some not more that 6 inches, in the centre of each is a kind of a cup or hole about 2 inches in depth, thus [small sketch]
This was pointed out to me by Mr. Dugal Black at Cairnbaan who had discovered it by chance about 3 years ago when intimation was sent to Dr. [Doctor] Simpson of Edinbro [Edinburgh], & the Rev [Reverend] Mr. McBride F.C. [Free Church] Minister of Kamesburgh near Rothesay 2 Antiquarians of some note who came and examined it. But as to their opinions regarding its use Mr. Black did not hear, further than Dr. [Doctor] Simpson told him that he had a Manuscript or had read one about it 30 years ago, & that he (Simpson) intended to write something of interest regarding their use, which he would forward a copy of it for his (Blacks) information.

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Sheet 160.7 -- Parish of Glassary -- Argyllshire

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