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FORT [Tùr a' Bhodaich] Tùr a Bhodach
Fort (Remains of)
Tùr a Bhodach
Fort (Remains of)
Tùr a Bhodaich
Rev. [Reverend] Mr. McMichael Craignish Manse
Mr. Jackson, Kintraw
Mr. Campbell, Barlounach
138 A remarkable eminence with the remains of an ancient British or Danish Fort on its summit.
The wall of Fort which is composed of dry stone is still traceable, and portions of it appear to have been about 6 feet in thickness. On the N.E. [North East] portion of wall there is a curiously constructed hut of about 5 feet in height and of Conical appearance, built of uncemented stones for the purpose of watching his cattle from, by an eccentric Lowlander named Ritchie who rented these grazings some years ago; Hence the name. "Tower of the Old Man".
DÙN AN DUBH-CHALLA Dùn an Dubh-Challa
Dùn an Dubh-Challa
Dùn an Dubh-Challa
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McMichael
Mr Jackson
Mr. Jackson Junr. [Junior].
138 A rocky eminence lying about 20 chains S. W. [South West] from the above. It was superstitiously believed to be haunted by fairies who made frequent predatory incursions on the inhabitants carrying away women and children, hence, the name. "Hill of Perdition".

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