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Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Admiral Campbell Barbreck
Duncan Campbell Barbreck
New Statistical Account
130.15 A large grey flag about seven feet high erected in a field a few chains north of Sluggan farm house, and said to mark the spot where a warrior fell.
SITE OF CONFLICT BETWEEN THE SCOTS AND DANES 130.15 "Ulric a Danish general was slain here and a grey stone still marks the spot where he fell."
New Stat [Statistical] Account
"Farther up the valley towards the mountains one of more than ordinary size was erected * distinguish the grave of a warrior, who, as it is said fell there in the pursuit". Old Stat [Statistical] Account.
* See Historical extract below
Duncan Campbell
Mr. Crawford Kilbride
Archibald McLarty Barrananoil
130.15 A superior farm house and offices a short distance south west of Sluggan farm house. The property of [-] Campbell Esq. of Asknish.

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130.15 -- Parish of Kilmartin -- Argyllshire

*"Tradition relates that a severe engagement took place in ancient times between the Danes under
Olave or Olaus, the son of their Monarch. And the natives headed by their King in the Valley
of Barbreck. The battle began it is said on a spot called Drimree. In the first encounter the
natives were obliged to give way and retreat up the valley. Opportunely receiving reinforcement
they rallied at a place named Sluggan. And renewed the Action with such vigour that the foreigners
in their turn compelled to give ground. The Danes having in some measure recovered themselves made
an unsuccessful stand where they first joined battle."
New Statistical Account

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See "Barnlunich" - the property owner's name is Robert Campbell Esq. of Asknish.

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