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Site of CONFLICT [Glaic] Site of Conflict
Site of Conflict
Site of Conflict
Mr. McLean Glaic
Mr. McLean Inverneil
Neil Brown
194 Situated to the immediate north of [Glaic] and well known to the natives of this district as the Site of a Conflict between the Lamonts of Knocdu & the Campbells of [ ] Mr. McLean of Glaic thus narrates the tradition.
A farmer of Little Neil having died the farm fell to his widow. "The Lamonts of Knocdu taking [advantage] of a widow being in possession of the [farm] made frequent incursions for the purposes of robbery. The widow having complained to Sir Neil Campbell of Isla Craig, he assembled his tenants and on a favourable occasion marched to Little Neil & caught the Lamonts buisily engaged, Sir Neil fell on them before they could prepare and slaughtered nearly evryone."

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Plan 194 - 1 -- Parish of Inverchaloain

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