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CHAPEL (Ruins of) [Kilchattan, Gigha] Chapel (In Ruin)
Chapel (In Ruin)
Old Statl. [Statistical] Account
Colin McNeill Newhouse
Origines Parochiales
New Statl. [Statistical] Account
234 In the centre of the burying ground, called Kilchattan, stand the walls of a chapel. The eastern wall is nearly complete and in it there is a tall narrow window at the base of which there lies an old stone font of an octagonal shape. There are in the chapel, and also in the burying ground, a good number of large slabs forming covers for graves a great many of which have rudely carved figures and devices on them, while others more elegantly carved are adorned with crests and coats of arms. One large slab in the burying ground, has been roughly hewn into the shape of a man, and another has a smaller figure carved upon its upper side. The chapel and Burying Ground appear to be very ancient but upon none of the slabs except the more modern ones can any trace of a date be found.
"Here are the ruins of an old Chapel 33 feet long, 14 1/2 broad. At the east end there is a long narrow window in the sole of which lies a stone font, neatly cut in an octagonal shape and perforated in the centre. It is 2 feet diameter without and 1 1/2 within, 8 in: [inches] deep
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