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Cist (Continued) [continued from page 147]
It is about 3 feet long by one and a half broad with stone at both sides and at each end. The top is covered by a flat slab of slate nearly oval and measures about 3 feet broad in centre and 3 1/2 feet long. When opened by Mr McGougan it was found to contain nothing but a thick layer of black dust on the bottom. The inside of it is at present filled up with rubbish by parties who were searching about it expecting to find treasure.
POLL NA SGEIRE LÉITHE Poll na Sgeir Liatha
Poll na Sgeir Liatha
Poll na Sgeir Liatha
Poll na Sgeire Léithe
Alexander McMillan
Neil McGougan
Colin McNeill
235 A small bay affording anchoarge for fishing boats between Sgeir Liath and the mainland.
Sign [Signification] "Hole of the Grey Rock"

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235.5 -- Parish of Gigha

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