List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CNOC A' MHUILINN Cnoc a Mhuileinn
Cnoc a Mhuileinn
"Cnoc a' Mhuilinn"
P. Galbraith Ardaily
Mr. Wotherspoon Mill
The Mill Hill
222 A small eminence beside the farm steading of Ardaily.
Sig. [Signification] "The mill hill"
CROIS NA LICE LÉITHE Crois na lice léithe

Crois na lice léithe
J. Galbraith Ardaily
Mr. Wotherspoon Mill
Archibald McMillan Ardacha
222 A small triangular shaped stone about 2 feet in length, standing on its sharpest point between two smaller ones, & having on its top the figure of a Sword Cut out. & something like a date or initials, but quite illegible. It was sunk in the ground level with the surface, until a few years ago when A. McMillan one of the above authorities dug it up. Tradition says it was put there as being the Centre between the north & south points of the Island. by whom, or when, cannot now be ascertained. Sig. [Signification] "The stone of the hoary flag"

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