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CREAG NA CAILLICHE Creag na Cailliche
Creag na Cailliche
Creag na Cailliche
James Lamont Esqr of Knockdow
Neil Clark, Fisherman
Thomas Lochead Gortanansaig
194 A prominent piece of flat rock at what is considered the southern extremity of Loch Striven. On the south end of the rocks lies a remarkable stone*, the subject of a superstitious tradition, which bequeaths to the Graig its name. -
Signification The Old woman's, or witch's Craig.

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County of Argyll -- Ph. [Parish] of Inverchaolin

[Asterisked note:]
*Mr. Finlay M.P. [Member of Parliament] remembers when this stone rocked
and terms it a Rocking stone - but it is evidently
a glacial boulder water worn at its base.
The superstition is that it was thrown by one
witch from Buchailean hill against another -
which is so far interesting that it confirms
the idea as to the artificial character of the
loose stones forming the supposed Hill Fort there
[Initialled] J.B. Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

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