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CROMLECH (Adam's Cave) Crom-leac
Adam's Cave
Adam's Cave
New Stat [Statistical] Account
Donald White, Cnocan
Angus Sinclair Keeper
Wilson's Archaeology p [page] 67.
A druidical altar
Common usage [initialled] JB
174 A small mound, near Ardnadam containing a very remarkable apartment, which seems to have been opened, but so carefully that everything used to construct the building is undisturbed. It consists at the North end, or entrance, of two upright pillars, 6 feet high, and 2 feet in diameter, with a space of 2½ feet between them, The sides consist of two thin slabs, 10¾ feet long and placed in an upright or rather slanting position, so as to form an apartment 10¾ feet in length, 2 feet in breadth at the top and 4 feet at the bottom. At the south, or back, of the apartment there is laid over it a top stone of irregular shape, 7½ feet broad at one part. This stone covers about one half of the apartment. The whole is 4 feet 9 inches high and was probably originally entirely covered by the stones of the Cairn [Initialled JB LtCol. [Lieutenant Colonel].
"What appears evidently to have once been a Druidical Altar or Cromleac occurs on the farm of Ardnadam on the Hafton Estate. Popular story had elevated it to the rank of a royal grave, but a diligent search at the foundation proven by the result not to be sacrilegious, has negatived the popular story - no disturbence of the subsoil manifestly having ever taken place before. The top stone of the Cromleac is seen still occupying its proper place"
New Stat [Statistical] Account

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Co [County] Argyll -- Ph [Parish] of Dunoon

Surveyor Note -
"Cromlechs are often
composed of three huge
stones, forming a rectangular
chamber, roofed by a
large one, placed on the
top, thus leaving one end
open" Akerman's Archaeological

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