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the grave. There is no doubt, that from an early period, the place now called Kilmun had its place of worship and of burial, a St. Mund, Munde, or even Mun may have had even here "a local habitation and a name." The existence of the Saint is considered doubtful; and, should it even be proven, it does not by any means follow that his existence, or even his merits, can establish the real signification of the name. In Gaelic, it is invariably pronounced Cill-a'-mhuna. Muna, or Munadh, in that language signifies instruction or teaching, and, by common figure of speech, learning; and the word Muin, to teach or instruct, is still used in versions of our Gaelic Psalmody. Cill-a'-mhuna, therefore anglise, Kilmun, latine, Cella doctrinarium, the sacred place of learning or instruction, may be considered the real signification of this name. Its sea coast boundary is the Firth of Clyde, as stated; or more particularly described, that firth from Strone point to Toward Point; Loch Long from Strone point to the extremity of Kilmun parish, near the entrance to Lochgoil; and the channel dividing Bute from Argyllshire, from Toward point to the extremity of Dunoon parish in its sea-coast line, close to the stream of Ardyne, to the westward of Castle Toward. Its inland boundaries touch more or less all the parishes of the district of Cowal, except Kilfinan, - having Inverchaolain on the west and north-west, taking the meridian line at Dunoon; touching Kilmodan to the north-west; and having Stralachan and Strachur to the north-west and north; and the parish of Lochgoilhead on the North. - The parishes of Kilmun and Dunoon were Ecclesiastically united about the middle of the 17th Century" New Stat: [Statistical] Account.

There is no portion of this Parish detached, nor is there any portion of any other Parish contained within the boundary of this Parish.

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